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Cinema #3, 2020, Original Oil on Canvas

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Oil on canvas, 40x60cm.

An original painting by Pavlo Kerestey.

Last summer, in 2019, I visited my hometown to renovate my parent's apartment. It was very hot, and I was on my own. Walking in the streets near the derelict town cinema, I found an open electric plug outside the front desk kiosk. As soon I saw this I thought of the perfect use for it. I returned after sunset with my video projector and started projecting films onto the facade of the abandoned cinema, now open for everyone again. Soon friends and strangers gathered. Over the next 45 days we met every single night at ten o’clock to watch films together, to drink and talk outside the old cinema.

This product is available to be shipped on the 20th of August.

Copyright © 1986-2020 Pavlo Kerestey All rights reserved.
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